CLIMB Classes

DC’s Only VersaClimber Studio

Experience DC’s most efficient cardio workout. With an upper-body climber and lower-body stepper, the VersaClimber mimics the body’s natural climbing movements to deliver a killer cardio and strength training workout in one. Set to the beat of energizing music and guided by our passionate coaches, you’ll find yourself flying through you workout and loving every minute of it.

Time Saver

30 Minutes = Workout Done. That’s all you need to get the same impact as a 50-minute spin class or run. Our powerful VersaClimber workout engages your whole body so you can burn calories, not time.

Calorie Burner

With an average of 500 calories burned per class, we guarantee you’ll leave PULSE knowing you made the most of your workout. Our VersaClimber workout engages your whole body and tones every major muscle group, giving you an intense cardio and strength training exercise at the same time.

Sustainable Strength

It’s no wonder why physical therapists use VersaClimbers to help their patients rehabilitate injuries. Each machine has hydraulic resistance that can be adjusted upwards or downward depending on the climber’s intensity. People of all fitness levels can benefit from this low-impact workout.

Inclusive Community

PULSE House is in an inclusive community where all bodies are respected and celebrated. We customize workouts for people of all fitness levels and make exercise approachable for everyone. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals.

Class Vibe

PULSE House believes that working out should be fun, and while working out on the VersaClimber is sure to leave you sweaty, we promise that you will sing and smile with us!

Dance It Out

PULSE House delivers a calorie incinerating cardio party! Whether you love spinning, dance classes, tearing it up at the club or anything in between, PULSE House has created an entire repertoire of dance moves to keep your body engaged and your heart pumping.