Emily Rasowsky


Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, I grew up as a kid performing flying trapeze and circus arts. I started teaching yoga and pilates to help others unplug from their daily stresses, pay attention to thier bodies, breath and thoughts as I believe that moving our bodies is the quickest way to get out of our heads. There’s also nothing better than the energy in a room when everyone is focused on driving forward and working hard. I feel truly lucky to be able to help people tap into that shared sense of community. Plus, my love for a good throwback song will have you flying through classes like never before.

Fun Fact

When I was a kid, I performed flying trapeze and circus arts.

Favorite Artist


Guilty Pleasure

An inordinate amount of chocolate covered pretzels and watching reruns of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Coaching Style

The Powerful Empowerer


Emily’s Upcoming Classes

Fri. Sep. 14

Fri. Sep. 14

Fri. Sep. 14

Fri. Sep. 14