Jennifer Dmuchowski


In high school, I was lucky to have a coach who inspired me to do better and be better. She truly set me on my journey to share this passion and help others grow and succeed as athletes as well. My goal in all of my classes and coaching is to inspire students in this same way and motivate them to push past their limits. I grew up in Sparta, New Jersey in the company of a huge and loving family. When I’m not rocking the LAB at PULSE, you’ll find me on the road with Wanderlust and munching on Twizzlers.

Fun Fact

I have an obsession with skulls and skeletal figures.

Favorite Artist

Chris Brown

Guilty Pleasure

Dancing to hip hop and Twizzlers

Coaching Style

Lightning bolts meets motivation


Jennifer’s Upcoming Classes

Fri. Sep. 14

Fri. Sep. 14

Fri. Sep. 14

Fri. Sep. 14