Corporate Wellness

It’s no secret: happy employees = productive employees. Investing in your employees’ health has a long-term impact on your business’ success. Studies show a company culture of wellness contributes to higher team morale, employee retention, and business reputation. These benefits translate to real cost savings, too: a company’s medical costs fall about $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs.

PULSE: Your Partner in Corporate Wellness

When your business partners with PULSE, we consider management and human resources goals, evaluate your team’s needs, and promote your organization’s overall wellness culture. Our corporate wellness programs are entirely customizable. Some of our most popular wellness programs include:

  • Corporate Cost Sharing: Employees and the business split costs of classes. We can facilitate this on our end or you can pay the entire membership and deduct the employee’s portion through payroll.
  • Employee Reimbursement: Partially or completely repay your employees for their classes based on attendance.
  • Dedicated Company Classes: Book the entire studio for a one-time class or on an ongoing basis.
  • Company Competitions: Challenge your staff to compete across teams or departments.
  • Power Lunch: Cover the cost of an employee’s lunch from one of our partners when they workout over their lunch break.

Design Your Own: Have something else in mind? No problem! Our corporate wellness programs are 100% customizable.


We always climb the extra mile. Most corporate wellness programs offer little more than a discounted membership rate. That’s not our style. At PULSE, we work in collaboration with your business to develop holistic wellness initiatives that help your employees hit weight loss goals, reduce stress, and lead happier, more productive lives.

  • We Believe: Hitting the gym once or twice doesn’t benefit your employees or your business in the long run. We offer energizing and fun training programs that motivate your team to stay engaged.
  • We Analyze: With the VersaClimber and our customized PULSE House App, employees can monitor their heart rate, track how many calories they burn, and see how many miles they’ve climbed. As they reach new heights, they are rewarded with prizes through our PULSE Rewards program or a custom rewards program tailored to your business.
  • We Coach: Our coaches work one-on-one with your employees to identify health risks, develop personal goals, and teach stress-reduction strategies. Classes are led by a senior coach, as well as two experienced PULSE athletes so there’s always someone to help guide participants to optimize their workout.
  • We Include: PULSE House is in an inclusive community where all bodies are respected and celebrated. We can customize workouts for people of all fitness levels and make exercise approachable for everyone.

Peerfit Member Network

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