BUILD Studio

Innovative Strength Training and Functional Fitness Classes

Our METABOLIC CONDITIONING and STRENGTH classes are team-oriented, challenging, and effective – delivering optimal fitness results so you never miss a beat! BUILD workouts are designed to prioritize movements over muscles. This total body workout promotes core strength to support the physical demands of everyday life and keep you looking great all at the same time.

Constant Variety

It’s easy to get into a boring workout routine. To keep your workouts fresh, we offer 12 unique classes each season in the BUILD studio. We switch up the fitness classes every 3 months, so you can try a variety of exercises and equipment while progressively challenging yourself to up the intensity.

1 on 1 Attention

The BUILD Studio delivers the energy of group fitness classes with the 1:1 attention of a personal training session. That’s why each BUILD class is led by coaches who motivate, support and coach you through the entire workout. Our coaches work to ensure you’re training with proper form and technique so you get the maximum results from your workout, make accommodations as needed, and build strength without any injuries.

The Workout

What can you expect in a typical BUILD class? We start with a dynamic warm up to ensure your body will be as optimized as your time. Then we move onto our stations. Each workout includes 6 to 8 exercises that focus on balancing quantity and quality. Each workout incorporates a different plane of motion, such as front to back, side to side, and rotating. We also intersperse these exercises with speed drills and dynamic movements in a variety of positions. By focusing on planes of motion, speed, movements and positions, we ensure you get a full body workout that is super effective, challenging, and ever-changing.


Our classes are designed to ensure people of all fitness levels get a killer workout. Every single exercise can be adapted and customized to your body and ability. We use a combination of strength training, aerobic exercises and HIIT to give you the most effective and efficient workout possible.

Our Equipment

We use the newest and most effective equipment in the BUILD studio. Here’s just a sample of our bench:

  • ViPR
  • TRX
  • Rogue Kettlebells
  • Rogue Dumbbells
  • Perform Better Sandbags
  • Sandbells
  • Battle Ropes
  • VersaClimber
  • Keiser Total Body Trainer
  • SKLZ Resistance Bands
  • Sanddune Stepper