Member Highlight: Jade Watkins

Member Highlight: Jade Watkins

As we launch our blog, we only felt it right to highlight the people at the PULSE of everything we do: our members. First up, the fierce Jade Watkins! Jade is a pre-pre-OG as she took everyone of our Founder, Shafer’s, Beyonce themed classes at the studio where he previously taught spin (and if you know Shafer, you know there were ALOT of Beyonce theme classes). We are constantly in awe of all that Jade manages, she’s a tremendous educator by day, working hard at Marie Reed Elementary School to help shape the minds of the next generation. She is a loyal friend and is always supporting those around her and she manages to keep a healthy work-life balance, just returning from a rejuvenating trip to Miami and Mexico City. Read below to find out which celeb Jade dreams of CLIMBing next to, her favorite song to sweat to and what keeps her coming back.

PHF: What or who brought you to PULSE House?

JW: Two people brought me to PULSE House. I also used to attend ALL of Shafer’s Beyonce themed classes at Sculpt DC. One day after class I finally introduced myself and asked him to send me one of the amazing Beyonce/Destiny’s Child mash up songs he had played in the class. After that we started chatting, he mentioned that he was opening a gym in a few short months. Fast forward to a few months later, I forgot about the opening BUT my friend Leah mentioned she was trying out a new gym and told me I had to come. When she told me the name, I connected the dots and I’ve been coming ever since!

PHF: Who would you want to climb next to?

JW: Celebrity- Queen B

JW: Friend- Leah

JW: PULSE House coach- Jorge aka Cake Pop

PHF: What’s your favorite move?

JW: My favorite move is the Down 2, Up 2 on the climber and then Shafer claps his hands to transition us to the next move 🙂

PHF: What’s your favorite song to sweat to?

JW: Travis Scott feat. Drake- SICKO MODE

PHF: What keeps you coming back to the House?

JW: The free coffee..with almond milk is definitely a perk! Honestly, I love the fact that the workout is only 30 minutes, and then I am done! I burn just as many calories as I would in a 45 minute or 60 minute exercise class. The staff is always welcoming and the coaches are always pushing me to do my best.

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